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Coming Soon: Manage Survey Data from Your Tablet or Phone

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Our recent acquisition of TVC Solutions means you'll soon be able to use any web-enabled device to view your survey data, edit it, graph it and plot it on a map.

The acquisition will let pipeline surveyors:

  • Use any web browser to review survey data gathered with the Allegro Field Data PC, share it with others, and generate reports with maps or graphs 
  • Use a web-based Android application to capture data from periodic or annual surveys

It will also give survey managers and other operator personnel nearly instant access to survey data. 

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Reap the Hidden
Benefits of a Mock Pipeline Audit

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  • Listen for complaints
  • Name the experts
  • Ask the right questions
  • Incorporate compliance tools
  • Model good behavior

There are obvious reasons to hold mock pipeline audits: they highlight any gaps that need to be closed before a real audit occurs and they make it much easier to prove compliance to your auditors.

This article covers two lesser-known benefits that our DOT Pipeline Compliance team helps our customers realize, and how you can structure your mock audits to take advantage of them. 

Learn how to improve your mock audits