American Innovations Acquires TVC Solutions; Cloud and Mobile Solutions Will Make Compliance Data More Accessible

AUSTIN, TX – April 19, 2017 – American Innovations is pleased to announce that it has acquired TVC Solutions, a provider of software that gathers, analyzes and presents pipeline compliance data. TVC products work seamlessly with existing AI hardware and software solutions, allowing pipeline operators and surveyors to use mobile devices to align and spatialize disparate survey data, and create reports that help enhance safety. This acquisition will allow:

  • Operators to stay in closer contact with field data collection, increasing the efficiency and quality of the data collected while maintaining the security of regulatory data
  • Survey managers to review data almost instantly, so their crews can investigate any issues before they leave the survey area
  • Surveyors to:
    • Use any web browser to review survey data gathered with the Allegro Field Data PC, share it with others and generate reports that include both maps and graphs  all before they commit the data to their PCS database
    • Use an Android application to capture data from periodic or annual surveys and sync it to the web-based portal

“We're excited to welcome TVC to the AI team," said Ed Kruft, President of American Innovations. "Our combined solution will provide our customers with better access to their survey data and improved reporting capabilities. We look forward to the future innovations that our team is sure to develop as we integrate this technology into AI." 

“We founded our company with the vision of improving pipeline data collection and analysis," said Joshua Greer, President of TVC Soutions. "Joining American Innovations is an ideal partnership for us. We're excited to develop solutions for the industry's toughest challenges as part of the AI team." 

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About American Innovations

American Innovations protects people and the environment by helping our customers safely and efficiently manage the world's energy infrastructure. We provide an integrated family of hardware, software and professional services backed by relentless customer service. We deliver proven compliance solutions to virtually every oil and gas transmission pipeline company in North America  – from the field to the office. Learn more about AI.

About TVC Solutions

TVC Solutions was founded with the vision of creating a suite of integrated software applications that streamline and integrate pipeline data processes and provide accelerated access to this data for analysis and enhanced corrective action. The company was formed in 2014 to license the first in a series of unique software-as-a-service products – known as the Indirect Survey Application. Since then, it has developed additional products on top of its cloud-based platform that combine critical pipeline data sets for leading edge, cost-effective, resource-saving analytical tools that will improve the corrective action and ultimately the safety of our pipeline systems.