AI accessories are specifically designed to help you protect pipeline infrastructure. They include general survey equipment, relays, and accessories for our BullhornAllegro and MicroMax products.


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Allegro and Survey Accessories

Our Allegro and survey accessories include survey wire, reference electrodes, electrode care supplies, test leads, plugs, clips and more -- plus Allegro accessories like power supplies, DVMs and cases.


We're proud to offer both mercury relays and solid-state relays. Shop online.

Bullhorn Accessories

Our Bullhorn accessories include surge products that protect your equipment from electrical events, power supplies, antennas, cables, batteries and more. 

MicroMax Accessories

Our MicroMax accessories include a range of antennas and cables.

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Our surge protection products ensure your remote monitoring units and rectifiers are safe from electrical surge events:

  • High Energy Surge Arrester: Designed with a full 40kA surge capability, 4X the level of traditional secondary surge arresters.
  • SurgeFuse: When a surge event exceeds the arrester’s capabilities, it intentionally breaks to stop the electrical current.
  • SurgeDetector: Detects and logs high energy surge events. Track surge events over time using remote monitors and Bullhorn Web.

Use individually or together to keep your equipment operational with less downtime.

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