Radio Frequency Identification


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

When you use RFID, or radio frequency identification, technology with the Allegro Field Data PC, you’ll have instant, verifiable proof of every site visit. RFID is a wireless technology that lets you use inexpensive, durable, weatherproof tags with a rugged, light RFID reader to easily identify the assets in your inspection program.

  • Easily generate an inspection history log at the test location.
  • Simplify routing and reduce data entry errors.
  • Automatically display the correct record for the technician.
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Using RFID technology with the Allegro Field Data PC ensures you’re surveying the right asset and allows you to prove your site visit. RFID tags can be used to identify of variety of pipeline assets including test points, rectifiers, bonds, meters, compressors, valves and internal corrosion equipment such as coupons, probes and injectors.

Feature Benefit
Instant, verifiable proof of every site visit
  • Simplifies routing and verifies test locations.
  • Generates automatic inspection history logs.
  • Vinyl Tags
  • Key Fob Tags
  • On-Metal Rounds
  • Heavy Duty Tags
There’s a tag for any asset regardless of surface type or environment
100% compatible with Allegro and Pipeline Compliance System (PCS) Seamless workflow from survey creation, data collection, to reporting and compliance
Fade-free, paint and scratch resistant Inspection history is retained despite environmental hardships
Specifications Summary
RFID frequency: HF 13.56 MHz; can be used with HF tags on all your CP assets, regardless of material or location
Battery: 8 hr normal use, 1.5 hr charge time
Certification: IP54 Certified
Weight: 2.1 oz
Temperature:-20 to 40 deg C, -4 to 104 deg F
Capacitive Stylus Tip: can be used on touch screen devices