Allegro QX Field Data PC


Allegro QXTM Field Data PC

Stay productive from dawn until dusk

When facing a long day of close interval, DCVG or periodic surveys, the Allegro QX field computer is the one instrument you want to have. With a glare-resistant color display, a high-performance battery, and a tactile QWERTY keyboard that makes it easy to enter data, it’s designed for the field and has everything you need to assess facilities, leaks, atmospheric corrosion and valves. Features include:

  • An integrated camera that allows you to instantly add atmospheric inspection photos to your inspection record. 
  • An integrated DVM that delivers accuracy of 0.25 percent when reading DC voltage  even in the presence of up to 100 volts of AC interference  and a highly-accurate, WAAS-enabled internal GPS.
  • A QWERTY keyboard and full number pad.
  • A color VGA display with a resolution that's four times better than previous models and is easy to read, even in direct sunlight. 
  • The option to couple the Allegro QX with RFID technology to make site visits 100 percent verifiable.
  • A quick-charging lithium-ion battery that will last for up to fourteen hours of nonstop surveying.

Why Choose the Allegro QX?

  • It's designed for oil and gas compliance – The Allegro QX supports common survey types and presents data graphically through live waveforms and more.
  • It's easy to use – The QWERTY keyboard and full number pad ease data entry, the large display is easy to view in all lighting conditions, and the internal WAAS-enabled GPS antenna provides coordinates quickly and accurately.
  • It's fully integrated – Features include full integration with PCS along with a DVM, an internal GPS, and software that can conduct synchronized, interrupted surveys.
  • You can depend on it – A single battery charge will last all day, even in nonstop survey conditions. Plus, you can pair it with RFID technology to improve data reliability.
  • It lets you log data faster – The Allegro QX speeds data collection with full PCS integration and an internal GPS that can automatically record survey latitude and longitude. You can also use the integrated camera to take time-stamped, high-resolution photos and instantly embed them into your inspection record.

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