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Designed with pipeline surveys in mind, MicroMax portable instruments are durable, simple to use and easy to transport.


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Current Interrupters

GPS300 – This NACE award-winning interrupter has a built-in keypad and LCD display, and is designed to fit inside most rectifier cabinets.  

GPS350 – The GPS350 delivers all the features of the GPS300 plus an integrated solid-state relay.

GPS360 – Get all the features of the GPS300 and GPS350, plus a built-in, rechargeable battery that provides 60 hours of continuous interruption.

Soil Resistivity and pH Meter

SRM100 – Use this meter to simultaneously measure soil resistivity and pH in less than two minutes.

Coupon Test Station

TRITON Triple-Coupon Test Station – Choose the TRITON for AC and DC coupons plus a stationary reference electrode all in an integrated package that's easy to install in any location.

MicroMax Accessories

Our MicroMax accessories include a range of antennas and cables.

Featured product

SRM100 Soil Resistivity and pH Meter

The SRM100 simultaneously measures soil resistivity and pH in less than two minutes, letting you:

  • Work faster
  • Improve accuracy
  • Lower your costs

Features include three probe options, a crush proof and water resistant case, digital circutry that allows for repeatable readings with improved accuracy, self-calibration functionality, an LCD display, and accessible batteries for easy replacement. 

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