MAOP/MOP Compliance Module


MAOP/MOP Compliance Module

Our module for maximum allowable operating pressure / maximum operating pressure compliance makes it easy to prove that your operating pressures are safe, documented, verifiable, traceable, and aligned with current and future PHMSA regulations. With transparent and rule-based valuations, clear reports, and integration with other RIPL modules, it gives you the ability to strike a balance between optimal operation and the cost management expected of an effective integrity management program.

With this module, you'll be able to:

  • Identify pipeline segments that are noncompliant due to lack of documentation
  • Quickly understand how to become compliant
  • Include MAOP/MOP noncompliance as part of your regulatory risk assessment
  • Identify under-performing pipelines
  • Increase throughput
  • Improve your top line
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PHMSA requirements for MAOP and MOP are well defined, but complicated. And they're still evolving. Complying with them ─ along with federal, state, local and corporate policies ─ requires an application that can easily capture, manage and simplify your MAOP/MOP data while remaining flexible enough to adjust to changing requirements for integrity management.

With RIPL, compliance is a lot easier since the RIPL risk database already contains most of the information required for MAOP/MOP validation. The MAOP/MOP Compliance Module uses this data to help you adhere to current and forthcoming regulatory requirements.

Since complying with regulations is not the end game, it also helps you operate your pipeline at a safe yet optimal MAOP/MOP, protecting your neighbors, community and reputation while getting the most out of your pipeline.

Feature Benefit
Dynamic segmentation Quickly see the lowest-rated MAOP or MOP segment along a pipeline component
Rule-based approach to compliance validation Pinpoint why a pipeline is or isn't compliant
Logic transparency Easily demonstrate that input data, algorithms and logic rules follow regulations like 49 CFR parts 192 and 195
Data visualization View pipeline compliance on a map and supplement it with other information, like HCA data

To install the MAOP/MOP Compliance Module, you must have an active RIPL license. 

RIPL is a client-server architecture. A desktop application is installed on the users workstation. The desktop application then connects to MS SQL Database where data is stored and managed.

As technology changes and to ensure client implementation is supportable by American Innovations, it is always best to review any changes to the network, database, or client configuration with American Innovations support.

Desktop Properties
RIPL: RIPL 7.5 or higher
Processor: Pentium chipset or higher
Speed: 3 GHz or higher
RAM: 8 GB or higher
Operating System: Windows 7 (64-bit)
Available Disk Space: 80 MB
Available Bandwidth: 10 Mbps or more
Screen Resolution: 1280 x 1024 or higher
For Importing: Microsoft Access/Excel 2005 or higher
Microsoft Visio: Microsoft Visio 2003 or higher
Microsoft Internet Explorer: IE 10 or higher
ESRI ArcGIS: ArcGIS™ Runtime 10.2
Other Tools:
  • Net 4 Extended
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Shared Management Objects
  • Microsoft SQL Server Native Client
  • Microsoft SQL Server System CLR Types
Server Properties
Processor: Dual Processor (Xeon) or higher
RAM: 16 GB or more
Operating System: Windows 2008 R2 Server
Available Disk Space: 100 GB or more
Database: SQL Server 2008 R2