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How New Technology is Shaping Compliance Surveys

The way you approach oil and gas compliance surveys is about to change thanks to mobile technology, the internet of things, and cloud services. This article provides an overview of each one and the reasons we're excited to see them become more widespread in our industry.


Using Graphs to Visualize the AC on Your Pipelines

One of the best ways to make sure your AC mitigation systems are functioning as expected is to plot AC current density on a graph. This video will show you three AC current density graphs our customers find helpful and the insights you can draw from them.

Case Study

Notes from the Field: Three Benefits of Valve Placement Analysis

Read this short article to learn how operators can use valve placement analyses to deliver clear business value while simultaneously reducing the risk of product releases and potential impacts on high-consequence areas.


Industry News for Compliance Professionals: Q2 2017

Read through our list of industry and regulatory news, tips from the field and just-for-fun articles. In this edition: Learn about PHMSA's new mobile app, get valve update tips from a SoCalGas Senior Director and more.

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