From Bullhorn installation to DVM calibration, we offer a full suite of services for AI hardware.

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Bullhorn Remote Monitor Installation

Use our expert Bullhorn installation team to make sure your units are installed according to your specifications and that they're sending data to Bullhorn Web.

Annual DVM Calibration

Reduce the risk of measurement errors and ensure consistency between measurements by calibrating the digital voltmeter in your Allegro every 12 months.

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Annual DVM Calibration

If the inspection sticker on your Allegro DVM shows a date more than a year old, our DVM calibration services will deliver:

  • A reduced risk of measurement errors
  • Consistency between measurements
  • Assurance that your measurements are accurate

We use industry standard, NIST-traceable calibration equipment to check parameters like AC and DC voltage so we can make sure your DVM is in peak condition.

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