DVM Calibration Services


DVM Calibration Services

Allegro field computers come with an integrated digital voltmeter (DVM) that we recommend our customers calibrate every twelve months. To find out when yours was last calibrated, open the unit and check the sticker on the DVM. If your DVM hasn't been calibrated in the last year, send it in and we'll use industry standard, NIST-traceable calibration equipment to make sure it's in peak condition by checking parameters like AC and DC voltage.

The whole calibration process typically takes only a week, though it can take up to two weeks during peak seasons. After the calibration, you'll receive a report showing detailed test data that you can present to your auditor upon request (here's a sample report). 

Request a DVM Calibration

Cover page from sample DVM calibration report

Since the accuracy of the electronic components in a DVM naturally drifts over time, we recommend that the DVMs in our Allegro field computers be calibrated once every twelve months. This quantifies and improves the measurement performance of the instrument and provides you with:

  • A reduced risk of measurement errors
  • Consistency between measurements
  • Assurance that your measurements are accurate

It also lets you track how your instruments are performing and minimize the time and costs associated with unscheduled downtime and quality issues. 

When you send us your DVM for calibration, we verify measurement performance and make adjustments as needed. This includes providing you with As Found and As Left measurement data, which can help you characterize the performance of your device and determine precisely what you're measuring. Here's a sample of the calibration reports we provide to our customers.