High Consequence Area Analysis Services


High-Consequence Area Analysis Services

Optimize your HCA maintenance costs while protecting environmentally sensitive areas and complying with regulations

HCA could-affect modeling requires sophisticated geospatial software, a streamlined analysis process, and deep expertise. Our team of seasoned GIS analysts and pipeline integrity engineers have performed HCA analyses for over 82,000 miles of liquid and gas pipelines, and they use RiskCAT – an add-on to our RIPL risk analysis software – to conduct any of the HCA could-affect analyses below using a comprehensive process that we've developed and refined over the years.

Liquid Pipelines

  • Direct Analysis
  • Indirect Analysis
  • Terrain Analysis
  • Direct Watershed Analysis
  • Indirect Watershed Analysis
  • Pool Fire Analysis
  • Air Dispersion Analysis

Gas Pipelines

  • Method 1B Population Density Analysis – Class Location HCA Analysis
  • Method 2B Population Density Analysis – Class Location by Building Count
  • Identified Sites Analysis
  • Direct Impact Analysis
  • Indirect Impact Analysis


Request a Sample HCA Analysis Report

We offer a streamlined HCA analysis process that saves you time and money by delivering precise, accurate results quickly and in a format that makes it easy to prove compliance or draw on the data later. Contact us to request a sample report that illustrates our HCA analysis process.