High Consequence Area Analysis Services


High Consequences Area Analysis Services

Your pipeline system crisscrosses the country and traverses through myriad sensitive areas that could be impacted in the event of an incident. Understanding the potential impact to these High Consequence Areas (HCA) and the appropriate mitigation measures is a core function of all integrity management programs. In fact, the federal government and most state governments require you understand and report your HCA exposure every year.

But it is not easy to do HCA could-affect modeling. It requires sophisticated geo-spatial software and deep expertise to do the analysis right.

American Innovations team of GIS analysts and pipeline integrity engineers have conducted HCA analysis for over 60,000 miles of liquid transmission pipelines – the equivalent of traversing the United States more than 20 times. We have also conducted HCA analysis for over 22,000 miles of gas transmission pipelines and done spill modeling for hundreds of above ground storage tanks.

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HCA Could Affect Analysis for Liquid Pipelines includes:

  • Direct Analysis
  • Indirect Analysis
  • Terrain Analysis
  • Direct Watershed Analysis
  • Indirect Watershed Analysis
  • Pool Fire Analysis
  • Air Dispersion Analysis

HCA Could Affect Analysis for Gas Pipelines includes:

  • Method 1B Population Density Analysis – Class Location HCA Analysis
  • Method 2B Population Density Analysis – Class Location by Building Count
  • Identified Sites Analysis
  • Direct Impact Analysis
  • Indirect Impact Analysis