Bullhorn S Series surge-hardened RMUs are the latest products under the legendary Bullhorn product brand.Add the new Advanced SurgeProtect Kit to protect your RMUs and rectifiers, keeping your CP system operational and optimized against an electrical surge event. The Bullhorn S Series and Advanced SurgeProtect Kit offer simply the best surge protection available in the industry. 

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Meet the Mesa 3, our rugged field data PC tablet with a large 7" screen. Mapping capability makes verifying site status quick and easy when conducting periodic and close interval surveys. Download the CartoPac Cathodic Protection application from the Google Play Store on to the Mesa 3, and collect data with exceptional accuracy due to its patent award-winning DVM2130 and ease due to its intuitive workflow. The Mesa 3 has seamless integration with PCS 2.1 Compliance Software. The Mesa 3 also has cellular communication capability so  you can collaborate with others from virtually anywhere.

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