What Does Truth Mean?

We believe in honest & ethical behavior. We seek truth & face up to challenges. We do not hide failure or assign blame.

This means more than having integrity & ethical behavior. We think it is a given that we will not condone cheating and lying. Many companies have “integrity” or “honesty” in their values. A group of people without a basic sense of honor cannot possibly build anything positive. In our business, Truth means a lot more than just being trustworthy.

Truth means more to us. It means we face situations honestly. We want to know about problems. We don’t sweep them under the rug or point fingers. You know that scene from “A Few Good Men” where Jack Nicholson says, “You can’t handle the truth”? Well, we can handle the truth. We want it, we need it. Nobody on our team is all knowing, all seeing. It takes everyone being vigilant to identify issues and help us address them.

Blame and finger pointing have no place here. If we’re all going to be open and truthful about issues we find, we can’t shoot the messenger. Solve the problem first. Figure out what went wrong & fix it without criticism. Make sure the issue doesn’t repeat itself. Realize that nobody likes problems – don’t expect happiness when you bring a problem to the table. Have the courage to raise the issue in the face of frowns and hand-wringing. Nobody should fear raising an issue.

Don’t wonder why or speculate. The truth is better than what you will find around the water cooler. Seek it out. We’ll tell you anything that is not confidential. This is your business too and you have a right to know what’s going on. 

Truth means having authentic conversations. It’s okay to disagree with anyone. It’s okay to give critical feedback – the people we want here crave critical feedback because they are always looking to improve. Tell the truth to anyone in the organization. Just be nice about it, and be open to it yourself.

Truth is the foundation of our values. As Mark Twain said “Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.”