American Innovations Releases PCS Axis 1.9

New Features Improve Usability and Reporting

American Innovations' PCS Software

Austin, TX – June 10, 2015 – American Innovations has released PCS Axis 1.9, the latest version of its Pipeline Compliance System (PCS) Axis software, which allows operators to capture, analyze, report and act on cathodic protection data for pipelines. 

With PCS Axis 1.9, it's easier than ever for users to comply with PHMSA regulations, monitor inspection intervals, optimize geographic routing, and generate reports. New capabilities include:

  • Adjusting records in bulk – Users can now permanently move multiple records from one facility to another, speeding post-processing work.
  • Capturing multiple readings for the same facility – A new mini-grid feature lets users easily add information to existing rectifier and test point records.
  • Importing and exporting survey routes – With PCS Axis 1.9, users can export survey routes to their favorite routing tool, reorder them as needed, and reimport them.
  • Capturing more granular test point data – Test point detail fields now include updated precision requirements for on and off readings. 
  • Fine-tuning user roles and permissions – New parent and child roles allow administrators to provide users with access to specific fields within PCS Axis.

"Our team prides itself on continually evolving our products to meet user and industry needs," said Andrew Holle, Product Manager. "With this latest release, PCS Axis offers features that make it an even more effective solution for tracking and reporting on cathodic protection data."

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