New PCS Axis Feature Improves Traceability

Austin, TX – January XX, 2016 – The latest version of PCS Axis, the pipeline compliance software from American Innovations, features a new change logging capability that makes it easier for pipeline operators to:

  • Track database changes to prove traceability.
  • Pinpoint and resolve cathodic protection data errors so they don't come up during an audit.
  • Identify malicious or unintended changes.
  • View the change history for a specific measurement.

In addition to the change logging feature, PCS Axis 1.10 automatically embeds photos in users' PCS databases rather than an external drive. It also offers:

  • A bridge importer that completes imports up to six times faster than previous versions.
  • New form creation and editing features.

“With each PCS release, our goal is to better serve our customers,” said Alex McCarthy, VP of Product Management and Marketing at American Innovations. “With PCS Axis 1.10, we’re pleased to introduce features that improve our customers’ experience with the software and their ability to comply with PHMSA regulations.”

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