New PCS Features Improve Control Over Data


Austin, TX – May 17, 2016 – Today, American Innovations released the latest version of its PCS compliance management software. PCS Axis version 1.11 offers new features that improve control over data, enhance performance and provide more customization options.

Benefits of this latest version include:

  • Faster offline data access – A limited subscription lets you view and manipulate a subset of data while offline and synchronize new facilities, data and changes when you’re back online and ready to commit the changes.
  • Easier to resolve errors before data is imported - The new bridge import preview validates the correctness of your data before it’s imported and highlights data that may not be valid or complete.
  • Improved ability to visualize trends – Virtually any data can be graphed, even user-defined fields, making it easy to see trends.
  • More visibility into data changes - It’s much easier to identify the source of an unusual, inconsistent, or incorrect entry with the change reporting feature. This function lets you report on who changed field-level data, what changed, and when the change occurred.
  • Support for more survey types – Modules created using the custom module manager can be customized so that data is associated with a segment of pipe rather than a specific location, as required when conducting some pipeline survey types.

“This PCS release delivers a number of new capabilities that our customers requested,” said Ed Kruft, President of American Innovations. “For example, PCS Axis 1.11 improves offline performance, verifies the correctness of data before import into the database, and allows users to graph virtually all the data in their system.”

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