AC Interference Mitigation Services


AC Interference Mitigation Services

Combine progressive research with practical threat analysis

Get smart insights packaged simply when you work with our AC interference mitigation team. Our driving philosophy is that sophisticated AC research and computer models are only valuable if they produce solutions that can realistically shield your teams, pipelines, and facilities from the effects of AC interference and lightning events. Our services include:

  • Pinpointing areas where AC interference poses a threat
  • Collecting field data to validate risk model accuracy
  • Developing a practical mitigation strategy that's tailored to your needs
  • Executing AC interference mitigation measures
  • Evaluating your system for ongoing effectiveness

Our Process


Why Choose AI?

  • Get two expert perspectives – We draw on our extensive threat assessment experience and Bass Engineering's field design expertise to deliver systematic, practical services that safeguard all three areas threatened by AC: your team, your aboveground facilities, and your pipeline.
  • Stay current – AC-related standards and regulations are among the fastest-changing in the oil and gas industry. We stay on top of the latest updates to make sure your mitigation strategy incorporates current research while remaining within your budget and compliant with applicable regulations.
  • Know where to start – We use graphs, visualizations and maps to provide you with a prioritized, easy-to-understand list of the areas at the greatest risk of AC interference. Then we design a comprehensive mitigation system using both modeling and field design approaches.
  • Reuse your data – We provide you with a report, industry-standard GIS file and/or RIPL risk model that your team can easily draw on when running analyses on integrity risk or other areas.
  • Plan for change AC fluctuations can override your mitigation system, but not if you're prepared. We make sure you're aware of the options for monitoring your system and adjusting it as needed so that you're always protected, even in the face of AC fluctuations.

Case Study

Learn how our approach helped reduce AC current density on a colocated natural gas pipeline by up to 90 percent. Watch the following video for a short overview or use the button below to download a written version of the case study.

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