Risk Assessment Services


Risk Assessment Services

We Can Help You Using Tried and True Risk Models

Our team of professional and experienced pipeline integrity engineers will support your integrity management program with a combination of expertise and proprietary software tools, like our Risk Intelligence Software. These bring the appropriate risk assessment approach that meets your business needs, compliance requirements and budget. Our team:

  • Helps you quantifiy risk and proactively address threats
  • Uses L1, L2 and L3 risk models to assess risk
  • Assist s in prioritizing prevention and mitigation measures

Why Choose AI?

Whether you are assessing risk to a pipeline segment, a compressor, a pump or the entire circuit in a facility, we can help you through tried and true risk models like:

  • L1 Simple Threat Screening – a series of Yes/No questions that will indicate the presence of a potential threat.
  • L2 Relative Indexing – a semi-quantitative risk model that considers threats and consequences to your system, yielding a relative risk score that can be compared to other assets evaluated with the same criteria.
  • L3 Probabilistic Risk – a statistical based approach that determines the probability of failure of an asset. Most integrity management programs have developed over the past decade comprehensive systems of record about the performance and design of their assets, that enough raw data is now available for this more rigorous analysis approach.
  • Prevention and Mitigation – once risk to your asset is known, American Innovations can help you understand what factors are driving that risk and recommend the appropriate measures to proactively mitigate the threats.

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